The PourHouse assists individuals experiencing homelessness in overcoming barriers to housing, treatment and healthcare. Through community-style street outreach and a unique peer advocacy approach, we help people define and achieve their goals.

We distribute clothing, food, blankets, hygiene products, and related goods on a daily basis. Our Community Gatherings twice per week provide a hospitable environment for us to connect people who choose not to engage with traditional service providers. We carve out one-on-one time during the week with individuals to help them set and achieve their personal goals. Our agenda is simple:

Define the next step and determining how we can help someone take that step.

This approach creates a framework for relationship, trust and long-term success.

The PourHouse currently offers:

  • Street outreach
  • Housing referrals and documentation
  • Assistance with attaining personal goals
  • Gatherings to provide food and necessities  - (500 meals & 40+ gals. of coffee a week)
  • Legal advocacy
  • IDOC release guidance
  • Identification assistance
  • Addictions referrals
  • Healthcare advocacy
We also carve out intentional time with individuals and small groups. By spending larger amounts of time with smaller amounts of people, our relationships are very strong and have resulted in a sense of community. This sense of community creates a greater bond of trust, an environment for openness and honesty, and a framework for long-term success.

The PourHouse is recognized by the City of Indianapolis, IMPD and homeless service providers as an outreach organization that is critical to the overall picture of addressing homelessness. We are specialized in engaging individuals that are considered chronically homeless and severely mentally ill. We have a 24/7 toll free line and have created a unique military dog tag style identification system that provides a link between individuals living on the streets and emergency services.

We are a member of the Indianapolis Engagement Center Board, Homeless Mental Health Case Conferencing Committee Community Outreach Task Force (COT Force) and partner daily with IMPD’s Homeless Outreach Unit. We are a member of the Professional Street Blended Outreach team, providing support to dispatching entities in Indianapolis. Through collaboration, we help individuals access services and address their needs.

How Can I Help?

Since we exist solely on private donations, we need your contributions to help us continue our work!

Tax-deductible Financial Donations by Mail:

The PourHouse, Inc.
52 N. Layman Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46219

Or feel free to use either of the online methods below: